Montreal’s First Ever “Beer Week” Begins May 2015

Finally a week made for drinking.
Montreal’s First Ever “Beer Week” Begins May 2015

This just in - Montreal is getting a Beer Week! In a city so fond of entire weeks dedicated to our favourite foods, it was only a matter of time before some ingenious Montrealer's figured out the next logical step and start the first-ever La Bière Week.

Two McGill grads and one Catalan beer enthusiast realized that despite our treasured Poutine Week, and Burger Week, Mac & Cheese Week, and even a Steamie Week, there was something still missing. An event to highlight the great craft beers made in Montreal.

Okay, so we do have the International Beer Festival coming up, but that's only a few days, and by definition, not very local. But an entire magical week dedicated to beer sampling while exploring the city? Sign me up.

La Bière Week will be an opportunity for beer connoisseurs (and regular people too) to discover new local beers and learn about them at the same time. For every day of the week, try amazing craft beers at 5a7's hosted by various Montreal venues from May 4th to May 10th, 2015.

The venues are still being determined, but bless the good people behind La Bière Week for giving us an official reason to get drunk everyday, free from judgement.

Check out the Facebook Page and website for details.


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