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Montreal's First-Ever 'Chai Tea Bar' You Must Try This Fall

You'll really want to 'chai' this place out.
Montreal's First-Ever 'Chai Tea Bar' You Must Try This Fall

Montreal is home to so many unique and cool cafes that really make this city special. The cafe scene is like no other, Montreal really does do it best. 

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When new cafes open up here some of them can go unnoticed because there's just so many of them! But they all bring something amazing and beautiful to the city. 

There's a new place that I know you're all going to want to try ASAP because it's just so adorable! It's Montreal's first-ever chai tea bar and it's the perfect place to try this fall! 

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It's called Bristol Chai and it's located at 30 Prince Arthur W in Montreal's Plateau area. 

They serve 5 different kinds of chai tea, which you can either get iced, in a latte or regular. They also offer matcha teas and regular teas as well! 

via @bristolchai

This tea shop is totally unique to Montreal and is the perfect place to go on a cozy Autumn day. 

via @bristolchai

This spot also serves delicious pastries, sandwiches and salads that pair perfectly with your freshly brewed cup of chai tea!

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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