Montreal's First-Ever "Dim Sum Bar" Is Officially Opening In The Old Port

A couple of months back I heard that a new Dim Sum restaurant was coming to town. I proceeded to get really excited and started doing my research and wrote this article announcing the arrival of the restaurant and the concept.  

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Based on everyone's comments, I think people were excited as me about the potential fusion of Dim Sum and nightlife.  At the moment, the restaurant is still in the works - but the good news is that it will be open very soon!

Jiao Dim Sum Bar - short for jiaozi, meaning dumpling - is set to open within the next few weeks and it looks like it's going to be awesome. We got the inside scoop on what some of the menu items will look like, and let me tell you, the dishes look as innovative and creative as the concept. 



Honestly, when I first heard about this restaurant described as Dim Sum with a "twist", I thought it meant that they would serve classic Dim Sum with a really trendy craft cocktail on the side.  But these new pictures of the behind-the-scenes kitchen action just totally surpassed my expectations. This is a whole other level of food.

This spot will be located right near Square Victoria Metro at 399 Notre Dame Street West and will be the only spot in the Old Port that will also have a late night take-out window on weekends only.

Stay tuned to Jiao Dim Sum Bar's Facebook page or follow them on Instagram for all the updates on the official opening date!