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Montreal's First-Ever Float Party On The Lachine Canal Sets Sail This August

Rubber boats, beers, and pirates.

Could you ask more in a summer party/event? No, you really couldn't, and good thing Montreal is throwing the Rubberboot Missie, an on-the-water party that combines those three magical features and much more on Friday, August 8th. Best yet, it's entirely free.

The first of its kind in all of North America, Rubberboot Missie Montreal is an extension of the now-annual event held in the Netherlands. Much like the original, Montreal's version will take to the canals (the Lachine Canal, that is) for some floating fun.

Rubberboot Missie Montreal will be a double BYOB event, meaning you have to provide your own boat and beer. Any kind of boat is allowed, s'long as it floats. The only restrictions are no motorboats and any boat longer than 12 feet will require you getting a seasonal vignette, which only cost $5.

An exact location has yet to be set, as the organizers of Rubberboot Missie Montreal are waiting on exact numbers. Help them get an idea of how many people will show by heading to the FB page and join the group.


According to the organizer via the FB event page, Rubberboot Misse Montreal will be postponed 'til August of 2015, due to some planning issues and potential safety risks. Sorry folks, we're just as bummed as you.

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