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Montreal's First-Ever "Floating Boat Café" You Gotta See To Believe

You're gonna ship your pants.
Montreal's First-Ever "Floating Boat Café" You Gotta See To Believe

Montreal is an artistic city. We can't have walls without murals, we can't serve food without being extravagant and we can't have a café without some kind of crazy theme.

So far, we have:

But the latest unusual café we're adding to the fleet might have actually been part of a fleet.

It's called the "Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant" and it's Montreal first ever floating café.

One look inside and you'll be hooked. (Okay, no more boating puns)

No word yet on the exact opening date, all we know is that they're currently completing their renovations and they should be operational shortly.

The boat is dockedon The Canal near Atwater Avenue.

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