Montreal's First-Ever "Free Museum Day" Metro Map

30+ museums | 100% free!
Montreal's First-Ever "Free Museum Day" Metro Map

May is going to be an amazing month in Montreal. 

The weather has finally warmed up and we have a ton of amazing summer activities to take advantage of. And the first one on the list is none other Montreal's famous Free museum day!

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On Sunday May 27, more than 30 of Montreal's museum will be free to attend.

That includes theMuseum of Fine Arts, The Planetarium, The McCord Museum, Chateau Ramsay, The Science Centre, the Pointe-a-Calierre Museum and many, many more!

There will also be a shuttle services to help you get around the city fast. And if that wasn't enough, BIXI bikes will be offering free one way trips to everyone in the city! 

To make sure you get the most out of Free Museum Day, the STM has created the first ever official free museum map. Here you can see all the stations where the participating museums are located.

Via stminfo

 This way you can plan your route and check out as many museums as possible. You can also explore the various the different "circuits" created from each metro line. 

Click here for a higher resolution version of Montreal's Free Museum Metro Map

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