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Montreal's First-Ever & Free Vegan Food Festival Officially Kicks Off In September 2014

Something big in the city is happening for those who enjoy the #VeganLife.
Montreal's First-Ever & Free Vegan Food Festival Officially Kicks Off In September 2014

Photo cred - Vegan Recipe Collection

Vegans are finally getting a festival of their own with the launch of the very first Montreal Vegan Festival, set to take place this September. A celebration of all things #VeganLife in Montreal, the festival will be a food event for anyone who loves food, as vegan cuisine isn't only for those who abstain from all things animal.

Montreal's first-ever Vegan Festival will be going down at UQAM on September 26 & 27th. Friday will kick off the festival with an opening conference ($10) but things kick into vegan-highgear on Saturday, with kiosks, workshops and food-tasting going on all day, all for free.

To make sure the event is incredibly awesome, a Haricot (basically a kickstarter) campaign for Montreal's Vegan Festival is open and ongoing. You can contribute here, which will go a long way in ensuring the festival is equally entertaining and informative.

You may not be vegan yourself, you may even be entirely skeptical about vegan food and lifestyle, which makes the Montreal Vegan Festival the perfect event to check out and learn more. Nothing beats a free event, and here you'll be able to discover an entirely new food-culture.

To keep up to date on everything you need to know, check out the Montreal Vegan Festival website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

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