Montreal's First-Ever Hypoallergenic Restaurant

The one spot where you and everyone you know can eat without worry.
Montreal's First-Ever Hypoallergenic Restaurant

When I was growing up, my mother was allergic to eggs, nuts, and chocolate. So eating out was always a little bit tricky.

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Thankfully, it wasn't bad to the point where cross-contamination was an issue, but if she consumed either one of those three foods, it was bad news.

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So we always had to make sure everything she ate was free of the big three, which really limited where and what my mom could eat.

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I always thought that someone out there should open up a restaurant that catered to people with allergies... and today, more than 15 years later, I'm happy to see that this is a reality.

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Montreal's Zero8 Restaurant (1141 Rue Belanger), located in Villeray, is a restaurant that prides itself on being free of the big eight allergens: gluten/wheat, peanuts, milk, nuts, sesame seeds, fish/shellfish/seafood, soya, and eggs. They also have a wide selection of vegan dishes.

They also make sure to responsibly prepare their dishes so that cross-contamination is as minimal as possible (although there always may be a very small risk of cross-contamination).

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The restaurant doesn't just sell allergen-free food... it sells allergen-free food that's freaking AMAZING.

They've got duck "poutine", wild game hamburgers, bison flank steak, duck leg confit, and much, much more; all of this without any ingredient that might trigger your allergies.

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Although right now Zero8 has their location in Villeray, they're looking to expand throughout the province with the help of crowdfunding - which is partially how they've funded their current location.

Which, honestly, I think we can all agree is a beautiful thing: living your best allergy-free life shouldn't be contained to just Montreal.

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Sounds like the best meal you could ever have? Then check out Zero8's website for information.

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