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Montreal's First Ever Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant Is Now Open In The Mile End

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Montreal's First Ever Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant Is Now Open In The Mile End

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Montreal has seen a few new restaurants open their doors and offer new eats to the city, including the very first sandwicherie to specialize in Philly Cheesesteaks. Fittingly titled Le Phillies Cheesesteak, the new Mile End eatery has been doling out the cheesesteaks since the start of the month, and if you haven't been yet, it's time to get cheesed, Philly style.

We did a feature on Le Phillies a while before they opened, and we're pleased to see the resto's promise of lots meats and cheese was fulfilled. Any steak-sammie you get can be cheesed up with Cheezewhiz, American, Provolone, and Mozorella, with with onions and mushrooms added at your discretion, all stuffed inside a special bread exclusive to the resto.

Philly Cheesesteaks are the focus of the Le Phillies menu, but you can also get a chicken cheesesteak, or a salad if you're feeling green, which you can add steak to, thankfully. Also on our "to-eat" list at Le Phillies is their steak cheese fries (kinda like Philly-style poutine) and the giant fresh pretzel with cheese, which looks like a magical new way to enjoy carbs and cheese.

Le Phillies Cheesesteak is located on St. Viateur and Waverly (map) and is open from 11:30am to 7:30pm nearly every day. Get more delicious details by heading to Le Phillies official website and Facebook page here.

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