Montreal's First-Ever Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant To Open In The Mile End

Le Phillies Cheesesteak is going to change up the city's sandwich game.
Montreal's First-Ever Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant To Open In The Mile End

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Philidelphia has two international claims to fame we all know and adore in Montreal: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Philly is where Will is from) and much more relevant to folks now, the Philly Cheesesteak. A sandwich of sinfully delicious proportions, a proper Philly Cheese involves thinly sliced beef steak, gooey cheese, and fried onions on a fresh and fluffy 12 inch bun, which couldn't be found in Montreal in its authentic form. That's all about to change.

Making cheesesteaks just like you'd get straight out of Philly, but right here in Montreal, will be the soon-to-open Le Phillies Cheesesteak on St. Viateur (map) in Mile End. While other Montreal restos make a Philly cheesesteak "imitations," Le Phillies promises to be the only authentic purveyor of cheesesteaks in the entire city.

We spoke to the owners of Le Phillies to get a sense of just what is going to set them apart from other sandwicheries and restos making a similar sandwich. Here's what we learned, and consequently got very excited:

Cheese will be essential, as you'd expect, with customers getting a choice of fromage, with selections ranging from mozarella and provolone, to the more authentic american and whiz cheeses, as used in Philly. Bread and meat are the core of a good cheesesteak, and while Le Phillies kept their choices a little hush-hush, we do know that the bread recipe has been a year in the works, and only high-quality beefsteak will be used. Fried onions and sauteed mushrooms are also additional options, up to the customers' discretion.

Two other sandwiches will also be at the forefront of Le Phillies foods, in case you're not feeling a cheesesteak. One will be a smoked chicken sandwich with smoked bacon, served on a 12" bun, with the other being an authentic Philly roasted pork sandwich with cheese. Both sound like meat, cheese, and bread heaven, easily on par with the premiere cheesesteak.

Rounding out Le Phillies menu will be cheese fries (regular fries too), salads (garden, steak, and smoked chicken varieties) and the classic American-style soft pretzel. Essentially a menu all about American cuisine that is sure to please.

Going with an in and out setup rather than a traditional restaurant, Le Phillies will be more of stand-up joint with high stools and high tables rather than a sit-down spot. Customers can also expect speedy service, in line with the fast food vibe of the cuisine.

No official opening date is set, but expect Le Phillies to open its doors and begin doling out the cheesesteaks in the coming weeks, likely a it after fall begins. Head over to Le Phillies Cheesesteak facebook page and Twitter feed for all the delicious updates.

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