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Montreal's First-Ever Sushi Summer Terrasse Opens On Victoria Street

Chef Antonio Park changes the Montreal sushi game.

Photo cred - Chef Antonio Park

What's better than eating the best sushi and sashimi in the city? Nothing, save eating said sushi+sashimi in the sun on a beautiful terrasse. Acclaimed Japanese resto Park by Chef Antonio Park now lets you live that dream, with their recently opened outdoor terrasse.

Park's terrasse has been open since the end of May, so we apologize for not letting you know way sooner, because the outdoor eating area seals the deal on why you should dine at Park. That, and PK Subban's endorsement.

The incredibly creative cuisine regularly featured on Park's menu is truly why you should go, and you'll stay for hours thanks to the terasse. Enjoy a Krombacher beer, a Passion Park martini, some (or a lot) fresh and tasty sashimi, and the summer sun, all at once. Now that is dining done right.

To find out more about Park, check out the FB page, Twitter feed, and Instagram account, all of which feature some sexy pics of sashimi.

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