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Montreal's First-Ever Vegan Juice Bar Opens In The Plateau

Nutri-Mania blends up the perfect balance of delicious and healthy.

A healthy dose of nutritional-vegan goodness is only a short walk and a few sips away to all Plateau residents, thanks to the newly opened hybrid food outlet + juice bar + vegan resto named Nutri-Mania.

Health and nutrition are at the core of what Nutri-Mani does (as the name would suggest) so look forward to smoothies and dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, and only those that actively go towards bettering one's health. All the trendiest super-foods (and some lesser known) are on the menu, so you'll be getting a nice counterbalance to the poutine and six-pack that was your dinner last night.

Smoothies are the focus as Nutri-Mania, along with fresh squeezed juices and nutritional "shooters" to give you a blast of vitality in the morning, or whenever you need a nutritional pick-me-up. Your too-busy-for-breakfast/too-hungover-to-eat-solid-food woes are over.

The menu doesn't stop there, as cocktails, teas, and legit meals like wraps, paninis, soups, and salads are also available to fill up your stomach with nutrition, nearly all of which are entirely vegan.

Simultaneously functioning as a health food outlet, you'll also be able to purchase specialty supplements and fitness foods at Nutri-Mania. Hardcore health fiends are already watering at the mouth, I'm sure.

Nutri-Mania just opened, and to celebrate, they're offering new customers a two-for-one deal on beverages. Claim your coupon here, then head over to the Plateau location (map) to enjoy a deliciously healthy smoothie.

Check out everything Nutri-Mania has to offer by surfing their official website, exploring their FB page, and keeping up to date with them on Twitter.

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