Montreal's First Ever "Vegan Super Store" Is Opening Today On Ontario Street

The 'Antidote' this city needs.
Montreal's First Ever "Vegan Super Store" Is Opening Today On Ontario Street

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Finding exclusively vegan products can be a bit of struggle at times. Even though Montreal has many restaurants, health stores, and grocers that cater to the vegan life, no establishment exists that solely stocks vegan products. Antidote Superalimentation, Montreal and Quebec's first 100% vegan grocery store, will change that.

Stocking all things vegan, at Antidote Superalimentation you won't have to check all the labels to find that "V" (for vegan) as you'll be able to take everything from every shelf, confident that each item you put into your cart is free of any animal or animal by-product.

More than just a grocery store, Antidote Superalimentation will also boast an on-site cafe, juice bar, and smoothie station. Beyond food, Antidote Superalimentation wishes to be more than a standard grocery store/food-source and will exist as a meeting ground where ideas, discussions, and demonstrations will be shared among the vegan community, or anyone seeking more information on the lifestyle.

A grand opening celebration for Antidote Superalimentation will be this Saturday, October 11th, with tons to check out. Besides the tons of products and services ever-present at Antidote Superalimentation, there will also be free food and samplings to taste. We know Zengarry will be on-site handing out their vegan cheese, and expect many others.

Antidote Superalimentation, located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (map), is set to open this Saturday, October 11th at 10am. Find out more about Montreal's first 100% vegan grocery store and its opening party by heading to Antidote Superalimentation's Facebook page and official website.

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