Montreal’s First-Ever Vegan Thai Restaurant Is The Perfect Spot For A Date (12 Photos)

Friends, there was once a time when being vegan meant having literally 0 options when it came to restaurants. 

You either had to eat at home, or accept that attempting to eat out would end in certain disaster. But thankfully, things aren't like that anymore.

Thankfully, Montreal is now chalk full of awesome vegan/vegetarian restaurants for you to enjoy. And one such spot specializes in serving up Thai dishes, like pad thai, dumplings, curries, and much, much more. 

ChuChai (4088 Rue Saint-Denis) is a vegetarian/vegan-frendly restaurant that has actually been around in Montreal for a little while, and it's legit the perfect spot for a first date... or second date... or lunchtime rendez-vous... or anything, TBH.

They've got mock meats (like mock shrimp and duck), cocktails, awesome dishes, and some seriously fantastic vibes!

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Sounds like your new fave date spot? Then check out ChuChai's Facebook page for more information.