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Montreal loves its marijuana, a fact no one can deny. A pretty lax attitude on pot smoking runs throughout the entire city, which is why you can find a random citizen liberally smoking a j on St. Catherine at any time of day. Cementing Montreal's role as a cannabis-friendly city is a new, and more formal, addition to the city's marijuana culture: Santé Cannabis, Quebec's first marijuana clinic, reports Journal Metro.

Set to officially open today, Santé Cannabis is a doctor-run clinic focusing on the many medical uses of marijuana. Located on Amherst just below St. Catherine (map), the clinic is solely for citizens sanctioned by the government to utilize medical marijuana under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, so no, you can't just pop in and buy some bud.

Actually, no marijuana is actually sold on the premises. Instead, the clinic and its physicians guide patients to use the proper strain of weed, and format (e.g. edibles vs. vaping) to alleviate their illness, with patients needing to grab off of government licensed growers. Cooking classes are even planned to take place on-site, to teach people how to bake and cook with weed, an ingredient that is quite versatile when fused with cuisine.

If you do suffer from an illness requiring the use of medical marijuana (ADHD, glaucoma, chronic pain, etc.) and would like to use the services offered at Santé Cannabis, you'll need to be refered by a physician. Luckily, Santé Cannabis makes it easy, letting you download a form straight from their website.

More is always better when it comes to marijuana, however, so Santé Cannabis is definitely a welcome addition to the city's cannabis culture. Having legit doctors working there may also dispel some of the negative stereotypes associated with marijuana use, because if a doctor recommends it, who are the stuffy weed-haters to say it's bad? And if we change their minds, maybe it won't be too long 'til cannabis is legal in the province.

To find out more about Santé Cannabis, check out their official website and Facebook page here.

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