Montreal's First Snowfall Set For Next Week

Photo cred - David Giral

A lot can happen in the span of week. Today may be unseasonably warm, with Montrealers being able to stroll about the city in unbuttoned fall jackets without a care in the world, though by next week, things will take a turn for the worse/colder. In just 7 days time, according to MétéoMédia, Montreal may experience its first snowfall.

Bright and sunny will become cloudy and precipitate-y (it's now a word, just go with it) by next Tuesday, though it's unclear whether the weather will produce snow or rain. MétéoMédia's forecast for November 11th calls for a 60% chance for precipitation, which may be either raindrops or snowflakes.

Given that the high for Tuesday, November 11th will be 8 degrees Celsius, we're willing to assume that rain will fall from the sky, and if any snow is seen, it'll be in minuscule amounts. Bear in mind, however, that a week is like a lifetime in meterology years (a bit longer than dog years) so the prediction may be far off. Montreal may stay warm, making snowfall impossible, or the weather may grow colder, with snow being a definite reality.

Time will tell people. Check out MétéoMédia's 7-day forecast below and be sure to keep updated on their Montreal page to see how the weather plays out.

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