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Montreal’s Giant "Ice Castles" From 100 Years Ago

These are so 'cool'.
Montreal’s Giant "Ice Castles" From 100 Years Ago

Ice palaces are a very old tradition in Montreal. The city's Snow Village may have closed down, and Quebec's Ice Hotel claims modern fame, but Montreal used to rock epic ice palaces as early as 1884.

Back in the day, when modern tech couldn't be used, Montrealers literally cut out giant blocks of ice from the frozen St. Lawrence river. Montreal's first Ice Palace was built for 1883 Winter Carnival,and was North America’s first Ice Palace. The original Winter Carnival ran until 1889, ending for disputed reasons, but either way, Montreal has not seen an ice structure quite as epic. Until now, that is. Gaze into Montreal's wintery history and look upon the awesome Ice Palaces of yore in the photos below.

The original 1884 Ice Palace.

The 'Storming of the Palace," the festival's largest daily event.

The 1885 follow up Ice Palace.

And an artist's fairly accurate representation.

By 1887, the Ice Palace fad began to disappear.

An 1889 advert, trying to get folks back in the Ice Palace and away from the Minnesota Winter Festival.

The last glorious representation. Maybe all the English flags made Montrealers turn away.

Apparently Montreal has slowly gotten warmer, another reason why a new Ice Palace wasn't built. Wouldn't  know to go outside.

How'd you like the old school Ice Palace? Should Montreal redo the Winter Festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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