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Montreal's Foufounes Électriques Is Literally Changing Friday Nights In The City

You will see how it has changed.
Montreal's Foufounes Électriques Is Literally Changing Friday Nights In The City

For those of us who are feeling a little saturated with pop music these days, (not that I don’t have This is What You Came For totally stuck in my head right now!), I’ve got fantastic news for you. Rock n’ Roll music is still very much alive and well, and you can now enjoy it with a $2.50 drink in your hand, say whaaaaaat!!!

Though it is less featured on mainstream radio these days, there is still a ton of new rock music out there that will make your brain explode, not to mention those timeless tracks you’ll never tire of hearing (tell me you don’t head bang every time you hear Bohemian Rhapsody!).

So how about a night that simultaneously nods to great rock music of the past, welcomes the electro-rock waves of the future and doesn't completely empty your wallet!?

Welcoming headbangers of all kinds for years with their totally unique vibe, Foufs is stepping back into the spotlight this fall by not only offering amazing deals on drinks, but also bringing legendary music back to the table... the turntable that is.

Arguing with your friends about where to go out on Friday night is now a thing of the past, because Foufs' Rock night is a game-changer. With the best classics from the 60s and up, Punk, Indie and more - DJ Psycho Kitten will definitely keep you rockin' and rollin' all night long.

But it doesn't stop there! Not only will you be rocking out with your c*cks out, drink are maaad cheap! You only have to fork out $2.50 (!!) for Budweiser and Bud Light bottles, vodka and rhum mixed drinks… and tequila shots!!! So you can, you know, get friggen wasted and still afford poutine at 4am.

Oh and did I mention they re-did the place?! Brand-new artwork and plants now garnish the walls of the second floor, which is quite possibly the best spot to people-watch in town. And with free entrance for the ladies, you really can't go wrong.

So stop overpaying for shitty-ass club music, let your hair down, embrace your inner rebel, and get your butt over to Foufs on Friday night!

Check out their website and Facebook Page to stay up to date on all Foufs-related events and more!