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Montreal's Free 2014 International Drum Festival Kicks Off This Week

Time to feel the rhythm of the city.
Montreal's Free 2014 International Drum Festival Kicks Off This Week

Percussion is the oft-underrepresented aspect to many streams of music, but now it's the drum's time to shine, thanks to the 13th edition of Longueuil's Festival International de Pecussions. Already running, and will continue 'til July 13th, the festival will offer you a chance to listen, dance, and even partake in the many ways of percussion.

FIP is all about introducing people to the many different facets of percussion, showing people that percussion doesn't end at a drum set. More than 500 artists will be showcased during the festival, and participatory events and workshops will also be put on to activley involve festival goers. Many of the events are free, and there are tons of 'em, so get the program lowdown here.

A new theme and culture is chosen every year for the FIP, with 2014's being "In the Heart of the Rhythms of Japan." Along with the festival's many kiosks, exhibitions, and big-top tents, Japan's percussion culture will have a strong focus, with an 11, 000 sq. ft. main tent set up to house the many shows celebrating Japanese culture.

One major event Montrealers will love is the FIP's graffiti contest, running for its third year. Street artists are tasked with creating murals based on this year's Japanese theme, which will no doubt inspire some incredibly creative works. So if you're more about Muralfest than percussion, this'd be the event to check out.

Closing off the festival will be a huge parade happening on July 13th at 4pm. A colorful array of sounds, costumes, and cultures, the parade will be a sensory experience for the eyes and ears. Check out the parade's trajectory with this handy map.

Le Festival International de Pecussions ends on Sunday, July 13th, with tons to check out before then. Get all the info at the official website and FB page.

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