Montreal Is Installing 21 Free “Musical Swings” Downtown

Summer is on its way and the city is getting warmer, sunnier and all around prettier. 

Speaking of pretty, there is a famous Montreal art installation that will once again be bringing a touch of beauty to the city.

It is part furniture, part instrument and part game. I'm talking about 21 Balancoires, the musical swing set that launched a series of memes where people around the world thought that all Montreal bus stops were like this:

The thing is it's not a bus stop, so if you're planning on waiting for the bus on a swing you're gonna be swinging there for quite awhile.

21 Balancoires was designed by the team of Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat of Daily tous les jours. Each swing is creates a different musical note and can make the sound of a piano, a guitar, a harp and a xylophone. When many people swing together, you create your own unique melody.

They even light up at night!

21 Balancoires opens April 11th until the end of May and again from September to August. 

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