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Montreal's Free "Week-Ends Du Monde" Is Taking Over Parc Jean-Drapeau This Weekend

A worldwide event of food, music, and fun.

For the 10th year in a row, Parc Jean-Drapeau will become a cultural thoroughfare, a cocktail of all cultures, a microcosm of all nations, or to put it simply, Week-ends du Monde is happening this and next weekend. A celebration of Montreal's many cultures and creeds, Week-ends du Monde will be two weekends of food, shows, and music that will comprise one hell of a cultural experience.

All around Parc Jean-Drapeau, different cultures will be showcasing their native aspects for all to enjoy. Simply walk around and experience a myriad of traditions from all across the globe, without even having to leave Montreal. Check out the map of the grounds for an idea of how things will look.

Four main stages will be set up, with certain cultures having the floor on specific days. Day-long shows will be going on, food kiosks doling out the delicacies from a mosaic of nations will be everywhere, and a cultural market (along with a lot more) will be set up for you to buy some souvenirs on your global trip on an island.

You can't really rank cultures, but just so you know what's happening on each day, here's a breakdown of specific cultural showcases happening during the four days of Week-ends du Monde:

Saturday, July 5th

  • Jamaica Day
  • Mexico: Union and Tradition
  • Cambodian Festival
  • Free Piknic Electronik @ WEM!
  • Evening 10th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, July 6th

  • Colombia National Festival
  • EUROFest: European Cultures in Montreal
  • Dominican Festival
  • Soirée électropicale (a performance featuring a blend of electronic and traditional music)
  • Piknic Electronic (as per usual)

Saturday, July 12th

  • 42nd Montreal Peruvian Festival
  • Triniday - Montréal en harmonie
  • Free Piknic Electronik @ WEM!
  • Montreal Salvadorian Festival
  • Festival Afro-Monde Ngondo

 Sunday, July 13th

  • FIFA World Cup Final
  • Festival Rasin Mizik Haïtien
  • Montreal's Cuban Festival
  • Brazilian Summer Carnival
  • Piknic Electronic (as per usual)

So you're totally in the know, be sure to check out the Week-ends du Monde official website.

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