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Montreal's Fresh Sashimi Boat You Need To Try ASAP On Saint Laurent Street

A fun and tasty treat.
Montreal's Fresh Sashimi Boat You Need To Try ASAP On Saint Laurent Street

Guys, there is legit nothing tastier on this earth than sashimi. It's fresh, it's tasty, it's visually pleasing, and honestly, it's straight-up delicious!

Montreal has tons of spots to get some awesome sashimi, but no spot makes their sashimi quite like one izakaya on Saint-Laurent Street.

Izakaya Kabocha (3627 St Laurent Blvd) is a legit awesome spot, located right on the Main. 

First of all, this Japanese restaurant has some of the best vibes in the city. It's an authentic Japanese restaurant, run by a Japanese owner and a Japanese chef.

The spot itself is adorable, and the relaxing, fun atmosphere is perfect for pretty much anything - it's a great spot for a get-together, or even just to grab some awesome lunch.

Speaking of lunch? Their food is high key delicious.

They've got lunch and dinner menus. Their menus are super varied; where most spots might focus on just sushi or ramen, Izakaya Kabocha is all about a whole bunch of incredibly authentic, original Japanese dishes. Their lunch menu, for example, offers things like fresh sashimi, karaage, and grilled beef, all available with their lunchtime Kabocha Delux Teishoku. 

You can even try some of their best dishes with their Omasake Box. It's basically a meal full of all their best dishes, as recommended by their chef: sashimi, sushi, grilled fish, beef tataki, karaage, and much more! It's awesome, whether you're down to share it with a friend or enjoy it all for yourself.

But the real star of the show absolutely has to be their sashimi. Served up fresh and imported from Japan, there's absolutely nothing like it!

They incorporate their fresh sashimi in tons of dishes, but the most mind-blasting has to be their special menu Chef's Omakase Sashimi Boat. Starting at $50, you get a boat full of fresh, flavourful, imported sashimi; trust, it's a real treat!

Not only is this the spot to be for a fresh and delicious meal that you can enjoy with friends, but their drink selection is on point, too. They have the largest selection of Japanese sake in Montreal, most of which are from private importers and unavailable at the SAQ; plus, they've got Japanese beer, whiskey, and shochu (a distilled Japanese drink). 

Meaning not only can you and your friends enjoy some food, but you guys can have some serious fun doing it, too!

Sounds like the tastiest thing ever? You know it does! For more information on Izakaya Kabocha, check out their Facebook page right here

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