Montreal’s Fully Renovated 10,000 sq. ft. Doggy Day Care

Your furry friends can be babysat in style.
Montreal’s Fully Renovated 10,000 sq. ft. Doggy Day Care

Every dog owner knows that their dog is the best, most precious dog in the whole wide world. They might not be the highest pedigree or have Crufts-levels of dog talent, but part of being a good pet parent is solidly believing that your dog deserves the creme de la creme 100% of the time. Saying no to those little faces is just NOT an option.

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With that in mind,

Mtl Dogs

Offering a great range of daycare, boarding, grooming and training services, Mtl Dogs' staff will make sure that your fluffy loved one is in the safest of hands while you’re at work or on vacation. Like people, animals have different needs and personalities, and Mtl Dogs take pride in their ability to offer your little buddy highly personalized care and play.

A major benefit of using Mtl Dogs is that they can offer your pooch a safe, structured environment to socialize with other dogs - many homebound pups struggle to get the level of dog-on-dog time that they need, leaving them bored and stressed out. With the help of qualified dog monitors, Mtl Dogs will assess your dog’s personality and needs to figure out which playgroup is right for them. Letting your pet romp around and make some doggy pals (under close supervision) can lead to major happiness and health benefits for your loyal companion.

They also provide some seriously impressivepet grooming services, with a super-skilled master groomer offering the latest in cutting-edge techniques and top-level pampering skills. Give your pup or cat a top quality makeover in a stress-free environment - Mtl Dogs’ staff groomer prioritizes the needs of your pet above all else, making sure that they’re comfortable and happy while they polish them up nice.

It’s not the easiest thing to hand over care of your fur baby to someone else, and Mtl Dogs know that saying goodbye even just for the day can be really hard for devoted pet owners. As well as having 24-hour onsite monitoring and an animal health tech and vet on call to put your mind at ease, they’ll spend tons of quality time with your beloved pet, posting plenty of pics and vids of your animal on their social media platforms to let you check in on their day.

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Other offerings include a taxi service to shuttle your pup around when you can't be there and dog obedience lessons provided by a trained professional. Whatever your four-legged friend needs, Mtl Dogs have the answer and a team of highly trained animal lovers to help you out.

Mtl Dogs cater to the island of Montreal and the surrounding area - check out their websiteFacebook, or Instagram for more information on booking your pooch in for a stay.