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Montreal's Gay Men Are Less Stressed Than The City's Straight Men

UdeM proves the gays are just more chilled out.
Montreal's Gay Men Are Less Stressed Than The City's Straight Men

Photo Cred - Bruno LaLiberté

The Centre for Studies on Human Stress at Louis H. Lafontaine Hospital, affiliated with the University of Montreal, have found the least stressed demographic in Montreal.

It may be surprising, butthe most chilled out group of people in Montreal are out of the closet gay, lesbian, and bisexual Montrealers. Especially when comparing gay and straight men.

The study measured the cortisol levels (a stress hormone in our body) of 87 twenty-somethings (both men and women) in Montreal, all of varying sexual orientations.

Contrary to what the researchers initially thought, gay and bisexual men had lower stress levels and depressive symptoms than straight men. Lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals who were out to their friends and family (unsurprisingly) had lower stress levels than those still hiding their sexual identity.

Co-author Dr. Nathan Grant Smith commented this may be because of how, after coming out of the closet, queer individuals developed better coping mechanisms to handle stress.

That, or the queer community is simply more chilled out and has more fun. I like to think so at least. Either way, we're more relaxed then hetero-bros.

Is this surprising?

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