Montreal's Giant Aquatic Obstacle Course Is Officially Returning This Summer 2019

The summer event we've all been dreaming of is almost here!
Montreal's Giant Aquatic Obstacle Course Is Officially Returning This Summer 2019

Without a doubt, Montreal is totally ready for summer right now. After such a long and treacherous winter full of snow storms and freezing temperatures, all we can think about are days spent at the beach, summer tanning, and swimming in fresh lakes, and of course... water obstacle courses.

Remember Aquazilla at Parc Jean-Drapeau? The giant inflatable structure comprised of slides, mazes, and platforms perfect for drunk days at the beach and fun family outings? Well, lucky for you, now might be the best time to start planning your summer schedule, as the beloved floating waterpark will be returning this year!

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TL;DR A giant inflatable obstacle course at Park Jean-Drapeau, known as Aquazilla, will be reopening this summer in June. The park is popular for its challenging obstacle courses and playground. More details below.

The 30x35 meter floating island features some pretty incredible obstacle courses such as an infinity loop, climbing tower, a cliff, monkey bars, a central trampoline, a giant swing that launches you straight into the water, and more!

Aquazilla is the perfect outing for a summer getaway with friends. Have some drinks on the beach and then head out to the giant waterpark and challenge your companions at some of the most difficult obstacles! Loser buys drinks, which could make your entire evening a summer event you'll never forget.

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The park first opened in Montreal in 2017 and attracted crowds from across the province and farther! 

This year, Aquazilla opens June 19th and finishes for the season on September 2nd. According to the Parc Jean-Drapeau website, the course will be open daily from 10am to 7pm.

There's no better way to kickoff the summer than on a giant aquatic obstacle course, so while we suffer through these last few weeks of winter just imagine the fun you'll have at Park Jean-Drapeau come summer 2019!

For more information on Aquazilla, click HERE.

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