Montreal's Griffintown To Be Transformed With Mosaic Paintings This Weekend

You've never seen art like this before. Juss Kaur will blow your mind.
Montreal's Griffintown To Be Transformed With Mosaic Paintings This Weekend

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Paintings and murals are standard fare for the Montreal art scene, and while always beautiful, something different and powerful is not always available in the city. All of Montreal can gaze upon an artistic series with ancient roots, created with a modern hand, at the Montreal Art Center’s “Practicing the Presence” exhibit.

Beginning this Friday night (6-9pm), Practicing the Presence features the work of Dr. Juss Kaur who creates paintings unlike any you’ve seen before. We’re certain of that because of Kaur’s artistic method, as each piece is a mosaic created from thousands of hand-drawn Sikh mantras which combine to form a single image.

After teaching for 25 years, Kaur went on to fulfill her life long dream of getting a doctorate and her masters at Oxford University. To clear her head, Kaur began to paint, inserting the same meditation mantra over and over again in her work.

Bright and striking oil pastel colours are used to write every single written mantra, which can total from 1,000 to over 25, 000 per piece. To give you a sense of how long all that takes, 75 hours were spent creating her latest piece of art.

An amalgamation of artistic techniques, spiritual concepts, and ancient traditions, these works of art which can be seen at “Practicing the Presence” are labours of love your senses will adore.

Not solely an event about the art, the exhibit also has a charitable aspect, as all profits will be directly donated to Doctors Without Borders. You can buy a one of a kind work of art while also helping out the global community, very much a double win for all involved.

Practicing the Presence opens this Friday, September 5th at 6pm and runs until September 11th at the Montreal Arts Center in Griffintown.  The official opening of the exhibit will take place @ 6:30 pm with Honorary guest Dr. Gaetan Barrette – MNA Lapinière - Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Services.

For more info and updates about the event and it’s incredible movement, check out the Facebook event.

You can also check out Juss Kaur's official website and artist Facebook page.

Will we see you there?

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Photo cred- Juss Kaur