Montreal's Habitat 67 All-New $1,000,000 Apartments Look Freaking Insane

Habitat '67 has always fascinated Montrealers.

And its hard not to notice considering its unique layout that has earned it the nickname "The standing wave"

Some of these places can go for up to a million dollars! And that's not counting the newly renovated one

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When it comes to Habitat ’67 the units come in all shapes, sizes and .. eras. Some units have had the same owners since 1967 so the interiors aren’t very modern. However some units have been completely redone and offer a unique layout, and a view to die for.

This is one of the newly renovated units dug up by Sharp Magazine. 

Photo cred  - sharpmagazine

Habitat '67 is by far the most famous housing complex in Montreal, so it's no surprise that when one of  these units go on sale, they don't stay on the market for very long. 

And this next one is particularity special, because it happens to be one of the rarest units in the entire complex: The penthouse. 

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Habitat '67 is by far Montreal's most unusual and visually stunning landmark. So it's no surprise that back in 2012 the famous building won an internet vote to become the newest LEGO set.

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Ever wonder what 1 million dollars will buy you in Montreal? Well look no more because we already wrote that article.

But there's one apartment building that makes Montrealers' dream more than any other, Habitat '67. 

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