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Montreal's Habitat 67 All-New $1,325,000 Penthouse Looks Freaking Insane

Luxury redefined.
Montreal's Habitat 67 All-New $1,325,000 Penthouse Looks Freaking Insane

Habitat '67 is by far the most famous housing complex in Montreal, so it's no surprise that when one of  these units go on sale, they don't stay on the market for very long. 

And this next one is particularity special, because it happens to be one of the rarest units in the entire complex: The penthouse. 

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That's right, one of the top floor units has recently been put on sale by Sutton and it is absolutely incredible!

The penthouse is made up of 4 cubes on the top floor of the pyramid.

It features 3 private terrasses.

2 floors of living space. 

A panoramic view of Montreal.

A granite fireplace and staircase. 

3 bedrooms.

Including one master-bedroom with an en-suite marble bathroom. 

Check out the rest of the photos below: 

Click to see the real estate listing. 

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