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Montreal's Hidden "Candy Store" You Absolutely Must Check Out If You Have A Sweet Tooth

Montreal sure is known for having some pretty sweet ice cream shops, but we seem to be lacking some amazing candy stores...Well, not anymore! After walking through Old Montreal last night to catch the fireworks, I came across this hidden candy store that is honestly cute AF!

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Not only do they sell some SUPERB candy, but they also have the most adorable decor. I mean the outside of the shop is legit ALL turquoise so it's pretty hard to miss! Plus, the decor inside will give you some mad vintage vibes!

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Named Le Petit Dep and located on 179 St-Paul Ouest, this candy store also acts as a cafe since 1822! But wait, it is also a grocery store that focuses on selling local products. Oh, and don't even get me started on their coffee and latte art! Of course they also make ice cream that you can enjoy on their mini terrasse.

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