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Montreal's Hidden Coffee Shop

Take a look inside.
Montreal's Hidden Coffee Shop

Since 2011 a tiny coffee shop in Montreal called La Distributrice has earned the title of smallest coffee shop in North America. How small you ask? Let's just say that your bathroom is probably bigger.

Actually, the space where Harry Potter sleeps is probably bigger. And just like Harry Potter, it's tucked away in crawlspace under the stairs.

I'm not kidding, the entire shop is located underneath a stair case at 408 Mount-Royal. But this coffee shop is anything but a hole in the wall.

Forget 'drive through', this shop is literally a 'walk through' where pedestrians can stop and grab some of their favorite drinks on the go. Not that you have much of a choice, you can try NOT taking your coffee to-go, but you may have a little trouble finding a seat. Or should I say 'the' seat.

Montreal's tiniest coffee shop! #mtlcafelove #mtlcafecrawl

A photo posted by adbeus indie coffee (@adbeus) on

Post-exam take 2. Study mode: ON. #ladistributrice #coffee #study

A photo posted by Cathou♡ (@cathd3s) on

This little spot?? #mtlcafecrawl #plateau #montreal

A photo posted by Farah (@farahbenosman) on

Smallest #coffeeshop in North America?! #ladistributrice #montreal #morningcoffee

A photo posted by @ruthfang on

laissez donc vos magnifiques pieds vous guidez vers mont royal st denis, i'll make you coffee

A photo posted by #vsjp (@valysjp) on

Menor/melhor lojinha de café de MTL! É uma cabinezinha que serve 3 ou 4 tipos de café "to go". Não tem mesa e tu pede da janelinha ?

A photo posted by Fernanda Iensen (@feiensen) on

Le projet fini par @maxprevo #ladistributrice #cafe #cafeglacé #montroyal #montreal #coffee #coffeeshop #cuteness #trescool #illustration #monochromatic #design #doglove #aimesducafe #cafepourvie #!

A photo posted by Reighan Murphy (@dogamine) on

Take-out café , built-in under a stairwell... contender for world's smallest café i think ☕

A photo posted by Alison Gordon (@alisonfg) on

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