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Montreal’s Hidden Gem Japanese Restaurant On Côte-Des-Neiges

The hype is real AF with this one!
Montreal’s Hidden Gem Japanese Restaurant On Côte-Des-Neiges

If I’m being honest, we’re all highly aware that there's no shortage of restaurants in this bustling city of ours. From greasy fast food to expensive gourmet meals, Montreal keeps all of our bellies satisfied.

But if you’re on the hunt for an out-of-the-ordinary wine-and-dine experience with a fun, chill ambiance you won't soon forget, then I’m STOKED to let you in on a well-kept secret we recently discovered nestled in the heart of Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges.

Via Restaurant Posher

Posher Restaurant is a recently opened Japanese-fusion restaurant boasting an extensive, outta-this-world menu and great service. What distinguishes Posher from the sea of sushi that is Montreal? Basically, EVERYTHING.

It’s obvious that QUALITY is the number one priority at Posher. Pairing its chic, romantic restaurant setting with an eclectic, trendy bar vibe makes Posher a game-changing dining experience - plus, their menu is out-of-this-world amazing. 

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Featuring fresh and unique sushi rolls, like their Angel Roll which comes wrapped in squid instead of rice (!), or their incredibly refreshing and original fruit-topped seafood maki roll (ours came topped with a fresh raspberry - it's the perfect sweet and savoury combo that'll send your taste buds on a ride!), Posher has hit the nail on the head when it comes to creativity, taste, and freshness. 

Although the sushi is absolutely something you have to try at this hidden Japanese restaurant, their menu has tons more hidden goodies for you to taste. Their hand-cut beef sashimi is like thin little ribbons of pure happiness; their super popular poke bowls are tasty and beautiful to look at; even their fried shrimp and calamari are perfectly seasond and cooked. 

Via Restaurant Posher

And can we dedicate a moment to admiring the skill levelof Posher's chefs? Their passion for serving high-quality food is LEGIT! As the saying goes, you eat with your eyes first, and they definitely plate meals accordingly.

Via Restaurant Posher

Their signature touches, such as sprinklings of Japanese rose petals and serving sushi on slabs of stone, are SO on point.

Via Restaurant Posher

To add an even more personal touch to the spot? Posher was actually built from the ground up by friendly, artistic owner and staff.  Every element of Posher's funky decor and upscale ambiance was a creative, collaborative labour of love.

Via Restaurant Posher

From the hanging terrariums and Jack Daniel's bottles to the table set-up, and even the impressive bathroom graffiti (also drawn by the staff), every detail was carefully thought out and meticulously placed. The sleek bamboo bar tables were even designed to be an intimate, fun, and cozy way to hang with friends (and make new ones!). 

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Posher offers an awesome selection of reasonably priced appetizers and sushi, plus filling salads and poke bowls (and a mean miso soup), plus they also have a great selection of colourful cocktails and authentic sakes (we HIGHLY recommend the sparkling sake, if you can get your hands on it!) 

Oh, and for the students out there—listen up! If you need an easy and delicious study-break bite, then Posher is your new go to with its 10% student discount and special menu during exam period. There's no reason to skimp out during those tough times; keep your stomach (and wallet) happy with a fresh, tasty poke bowl at almost any hour (this spot closes at 12 AM, btw!)

Be sure to also get your drank on by taking advantage of their awesome student happy hour. Every day from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., show up with a valid student ID and quench your thirst with as many $3 pints of Sapporo beer as you want! But hurry up - this crazy special is only available for a limited time.

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Well-priced and of the highest calibre, Posher offers an exceptional izakaya dining experience that'll have you (and your friends) coming back for more. From its cool decor to its sumptuously handcrafted dishes, every aspect of this unique Japanese-fusion eatery is totally spot on and just OOZES care and pride.

Posher is a true foodie's paradise, where every detailcan be appreciated and TASTED! Their team is super proud of its blossoming restaurant, and the attention they've garnered is well deserved - go find out for yourself! Go snag a few Instagram-worthy, envy-inducing food pics, and get your Polaroid taken and hung on the wall to commemorate your awesome visit!

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Plan your next visit by check out Posher's online menu, and stay up to date with their Facebook and Instagram, too!