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Montreal's Hidden Lobster Roll Shack You Need To Try

They melt in your mouth.
Montreal's Hidden Lobster Roll Shack You Need To Try

Ah, summer. A time for sunshine (hopefully), good vibes (no matter what), and awesome food (definitely).

And what type of awesome food screams summer more than anything else? Say it with me, friends: lobster. That's right. The king of seafood.

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If you're down to nosh on some tasty lobster this summer, there are tons of places you can go. But if you're down to indulge in some top notch, delicious lobster rolls, surrounded by the beauty and awesomeness of Montreal's Old Port during the summer... well, there's really only one spot you can go for that.

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MUVBOX (2 de la Commune O), Montreal's famous popup lobster shack, has returned again this summer, to bring us all their signature tasty lobster rolls.

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Made with local Quebec products and lobster from Îles-de-la-Madeleine, MUVBOX's menu features things like lobster rolls, lobster pizza, lobster tacos, and much, much more.

Best part? This spot stays open from May until October, so you can treat yourself to some awesome food and awesome vibes for the whole, entire summer.

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Sound like the best way to enjoy a summer day? Check out MUVBOX's Facebook page for more information.

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