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Montreal's Hidden "Montreal" Mural And Where To Find It

It's about to blow up the 'gram.
Montreal's Hidden "Montreal" Mural And Where To Find It

This hidden 'Montreal' mural is about to become not so hidden. I love that Montreal is known for its amazing murals. Not only do they decorate our city and add some character to our streets, they make great backdrops for fun pictures for locals and tourists alike.

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This bold and bright retro-inspired mural located on the Christophe-Colomb & Bellechasse in Rosemont area and is going to take over Instagram this summer. Hopefully, this will attract even more people to come visit this beautiful city and generate the tourist economy.

The street artist who goes by mr.nicko is the one responsible for this masterpiece and has a whole bunch of other pieces around the city. 

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