Montreal's Hidden Spot With Mind Blowing Tartar

Fairmount's best kept secret.
Montreal's Hidden Spot With Mind Blowing Tartar

If you know the infamous butcher house, Lawrencethen you are a true Montreal foodie. Now, if you've heard of their second gem, Larry's - you are a true culinary master.

I was going for lunch last week with a good friend, and since we were already in the Plateau area (hint hint: that's where MTL Blog office is located), we decided to hit up a lunch spot nearby.

Indeed, Lawrence was packed as it always is so we decided to try its new hidden spot located right next door - Larry's, and boy am I glad we did. Open for only about two months now, it's already the talk of the town, and for good reason.

When you walk into Larry's, you will be greeted by a café bar on the right side, and an open-style kitchen on your left.

The open kitchen showcases Master Chef and part owner, Marc Cohen in his element, creating the delicacies that make this place so special. The menu is handwritten on the wall, housing the freshest ingredients of the season. Get ready to indulge in their gastronomic menu that's got everything from marinated vegetables, oysters, crab, beef tartar to their sweet tooth menu which includes a splendid chocolate cake and rice pudding.

We told the charming waitress to bring us the best plates in the house. So she started us off with two lattes, and their fish tartar which is a mix of ivory/white salmon and mackerel. It was out of this world.

Up next, was the sweetest, most tender piece of meat I have ever tasted....EVER. Let me just explain to you the process of this mouth watering pork chop. It is slow cooked for about 25 minutes, then seared in porc fat, butter, sage, and lemon juice. We enjoyed this with a side of marinated eggplant, which tasted like a sweet puree jam.

Let's not forget they also serve a mean brunch on weekends and early mornings. If you haven't been to Larry's yet, then now is the time! You will not regret it.

Oh and the best part about this place is they are open until 1 am every weekday.

Located at 9 Fairmount Ave. E. 

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