Montreal's Huge Halloween Mega Store You Need To Check Out For The Perfect Costume This Year

*Not actual venue in cover

Okay, serious question: who here knows WTF they're going to be for Halloween this year?

No worries if you have no clue. I mean, it's coming up, so you'v gotta get on your costume game... but you're not along if you're still scrambling for an idea.

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Personally, I have no idea what to be this year. Which is why pop-up Halloween shops are my whole life right now.

And although there are a whole bunch of fantastic Halloween shops throughout the city, one of the biggest ones I've encountered so far happens to be in the old Future Shop in Pointe-Claire.

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Spirit Halloween Pointe Claire (6321 Route Transcanadienne) is a huge Halloween warehouse situated in the old Future Shop near Fairview.

It's huge. Literally.

No matter what you're looking to be on Halloween, they've got you covered. They've got costumes, masks, decorations, costume makeup, wigs - anything.

So many decisions, guys. So many decisions. Go forth and find your costumes, friends.

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