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Montreal's Huge Scottish Festival Starts Next Week

Bag pipes and kilts never looked better!
Montreal's Huge Scottish Festival Starts Next Week

Montreal is known for the incredible festivals that are held in the city every year. From cultural parades to the most amazing food festivals you'll ever witness in your life, it's all right here. You could literally spend every day of your Summer at a different festival in the city and never get bored!

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After the last few weeks of celebrating Caribbean cuisine and listening to some of the best jazz in the world, how fun would it be to party alongside music from bag pipes and fiddles and enjoy indulgent and unique eats that represent Celtic culture?

Look no further, because the 2018 Montreal Highland Games is just around the corner! This is an event you definitely need to be at if you enjoy Nordic traditIons, music, food and activities. 

The day kicks off with a dancing competition complete with kilts and traditional music, accompanied by dozens of food trucks that will totally satisfy your cravings for anything and everything Scottish. Grab some of the best Celtic beer and explore all of the boutiques that offer history, goodies and souvenirs for you to remember your time at the festival.

After you feast like royalty you'll be able to visit one of the main attractions of the day which is the Medieval Village. This installation will take you back in time to Scottish lords and damsels in distress, highland clans and serious Game of Thrones feels throughout. Scottish clans that represent the different heritage throughout the Nordic country will tell stories of their history and traditions. This is a great opportunity to learn about your family tree if you have any Celtic ancestry.

The evening welcomes the Celidh tent, where the best of the best performers entertain the festival-goers with music and dance all night long. You'll totally feel as if you're in a Scottish pub while you celebrate your night away.

Among these amazing events are many others that'll have you falling in love with everything Scottish, so you'll probably want to go check it out for yourself. The Highland Games are on August 5, so you still have another week to buy tickets and anticipate this amazing festival. 

For more information or to purchase tickets for the 2018 Montreal Highland Games, click HERE.

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