Montreal's Iconic Parc Belmont In 1960

A place all Montrealers wish was still opened.
Montreal's Iconic Parc Belmont In 1960

Montreal used to have a real, full-blown, old-school amusement park. You know the kind we mean - bearded ladies, strongman competitions, rickety rides, tarot card readers, candy apples. Most of us have only seen depictions of these in movies or Saturday morning cartoons but, ask your parents about Belmont Park, and they'll tell you all about the great times they had 'at the fair'.

Or, watch this video to see what it was like!

Running from 1923 to 1983, in Cartierville of all places, Belmont Park was a staple of Montreal life. Apparently, it was shut down due to the fact that it was privately owned and hurting La Ronde's business, which is owned by the city. Not cool, guys.

How awesome would it be to have experienced Belmont Park?

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