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Montreal's îleSoniq Saw Over 100 Drug Arrests This Past Weekend At Parc Jean-Drapeau

Like anyone is even remotely surprised.

Photo cred - @asxo55

îleSoniq rocked Parc Jean-Drapeau this weekend, with many of us partaking in the outdooor EDM music jam, and just as many getting silly with some substances. No judgement, getting a little jazzed with some drugs is kind of assumed at any EDM show, and everyone knew îleSoniq would be the same, including the Montreal police.

Arrests on arrests were made throughout the two day EDM festival, so many that even the papers can't keep it straight. CBC reports 47 were busted on the first day, with a total of 73 people apprehended over the festival's entirety according to CTV, however the Gazette says the total is closer to 119, with Radio-Canada backing up that triple digit number.

All arrests were made right at the festival entrance, with police searching bags and refusing entrance to anyone with sketchy items on their person, including cannabis, chemical drugs, and weapons. CTV states all included in the 73-119 arrests were later released, and just refused entry.

Funny thing is, despite the fairly high number of arrests, around 35, 000 people attended îleSoniq, and you know most of them did not do it sober, and I don't mean they got drunk, so the amount of drug busts could have been much higher. No drug related deaths occurred, so good thing those folks that managed to smuggle in some contraband were at least smart about partying. With that in mind, îleSoniq went off without a hitch.

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