Montreal's "Indian Snack Bar" You Must Check Out ASAP

Cocktails, thali plates, fried okra and more!
Montreal's "Indian Snack Bar" You Must Check Out ASAP

Montreal's foodie scene is honestly unparalleled. You could live here for your whole life and still be discovering new and amazing restaurants, cafes and bars every single week! 

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That's seriously what's so great about Montreal and why I love living here. You may already have your favourite Indian food restaurants in the city mapped out but if you haven't been to this one, you definitely need to add it to your list! 

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It's called Le Super Qualité and it's located at1211 Rue Bélanger in Montreal's Little Italy area. It's an Indian street food snack bar that offers amazing meals AND yummy cocktails!

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The name is totally on point because their food is the best quality that there is in this city! They serve a different Thali dish every week in either non-veggie or veggie options. They also serve fried okra, sourdough crepes, burgers, salads and more! 

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At their amazing bar they offer cocktails like the bloody Caesar, gin cocktails with bitter lemon, a full list of beers and more! 

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Check out theirwebsite for more information.