Montreal's Insectarium Is Shutting Down Until 2021

The Butterfly Festival may not happen again for two years
Montreal's Insectarium Is Shutting Down Until 2021

Montreal's Espace Pour La Vie just sent out a press release stating that the Insectarium is shutting down for a little over two years, from March 11 until March 2021. 

The Insectarium is one of several visitor spaces in the "Espace Pour La Vie" grounds, located next to the Olympic Stadium. Other spaces include the Biodome and the Planetarium.

This temporary closing will allow the Insectarium to renovate its visitor spaces and allow for a better guest experience. The project, entitled "Metamorphosis," will make visitor spaces larger and more immersive. It'll allow guests to get a better feel for how insects live!

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TL;DR The Insectarium has just announced that it wil be temporarily closing on March 11 for a little over two years, in order to renovate the space and allow for a better experience. The Insectarium has stated that some activities will still run, but has not specified which.

The city of Montreal will be supporting the project, which is projected to cost around $36,350,000, and will generate an additional $4,300,000 in revenue for the Insectarium alone, allowing for 375,000 more visitors per year. So.Many.Tourists!

The Insectarium's renovations, which begin on March 11, will create spaces where visitors can immerse themselves in spaces inspired by the insects' homes — sounds equal parts fascinating and creepy-crawly.

The "Metamorphosis" concept has won a prize from the Canadian Architects magazine, so it should look very pretty!

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In the meantime, the Insectarium stated that some activities will remain open. Let's hope that the Buttefly Festival, a beloved tradition, is one of them. According to their website, the event is going on until April 29. 

Stay tuned!