Montreal's ISIS Boutique On Avenue Du Parc Takes A Stand And Will Not Change Its Name

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Montreal's ISIS Boutique On Avenue Du Parc Takes A Stand And Will Not Change Its Name

Photo cred - ISIS Boutique

It is a bit problematic not be named ISIS these days, for pretty obvious reasons. Any connection to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria brings about an automatic negative response from nearly anyone, yet that still hasn't prompted Montreal's very own ISIS from changing its name, reports JdM.

Bearing no connection to the Islamic State, Montreal's ISIS Boutique is a small boutique on Parc and St. Joseph, named after the Egyptian goddess of myth. Other than one customer asking why the store bore the name ISIS, no complaints or threats were made to the boutique, thus making the manager think the name change is unnecessary.

When questioned by Camille Laurin-Desjardin, the author of the JdM piece, the ISIS store manager was "visibly exasperated" so it seems like the topic is a bit more of a sore spot than the manager, who wished to remain unnamed, let on.

Montreal's ISIS wouldn't be the first business to change their name given the new negative connotation associated with the title/acronym. As Laurin-Desjardin points out, Belgian chocolate company Isis re-branded itself as Libeer and Nova Scotia's Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services (shortened as ISIS) is also going to rework its own title, both believing the association will hurt their respective reputations.

Even the realm of television is not exempt, as certain shows have gotten backlash for characters bearing the name ISIS. Downtown Abbey's star Labarador, the Earl of Grantham Labrado named Isis, in the show may get killed off, as fans have been hate-tweeting the show, wanting the dog's name to change. Instead, it looks like the showrunners are going to just remove the problem via an untimely demise for the canine character. Poor pooch.

Another kind of Isis also exists in Montreal, Spa Isis in the east end of the city. Time will tell if they decide to change their name, or hold out and keep the Isis-title like their Montreal name-counterpart.

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