Montreal’s 'Jardin De Chine' At The Botanical Garden Is Finally Re-Open (Photos)

The Jardin de Chine at Montreal's Botanical Garden has been getting a makeover for the last three years and yesterday evening the new garden was finally unveiled. 

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The tiles have been refinished, the city of Shanghai donated a miniature landscape as a gift of friendship to Montreal, the stones have all been shipped from China, and the new "dragon theme" has been revealed.

Check out what the new garden looks like: 

via @espacepourlavie

After 3 years of renovations the Chinese Gardens @EspacePourLaVie re-open under the theme 'dragons'. 🐉

September 1, 2017

And remember, the best time to visit the Chinese garden is starting September 8th at night. that's when the garden gets turned into the Jardin des Lumieres!