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Montreal's Jean-Talon Market Installs "Dog Parking" Stations

Dog owners get thrown a bone.
Montreal's Jean-Talon Market Installs "Dog Parking" Stations

Dog owners have it a little harder than the rest of us, and not only because they have to care for a living, eating, and pooping furry creature on four legs. Aside from all that, dogs aren't permitted in many establishments, making the day-to-day travels of a dog-owner more of a hassle. Jean-Talon market took one step in the right direction, and has set up little poles designed specifically for you to park your dog.

Not just for Schnauzers, terriers, or other tiny breeds, these dog-parking poles standing right at the entrance of Jean-Talon market give owners a designated zone in which to leave their pet while they go shopping inside. Dogs of any kind aren't allowed in Jean-Talon, so the dog-poles offer a unique solution to the no-dog policy.

One problem many can probably notice (as the reddit thread where this photo originated pointed out) is the fact that these dog-poles basically group together canines in one easy-to-steal location. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to worry about dog-nappers, but unfortunately, that ain't the case. Hopefully Jean-Talon has a guy/gal watching these poles while owners are away.

Should other Montreal establishments set up dog-poles?

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