Montreal's "Joe Beef" Restaurant Now Has An Apartment Upstairs You Can Sleep In After You Eat Too Much

Eat, sleep, eat some more.

Photo cred - @joebeeflodging

After eating an intense, meat-heavy meal, all you really want to do is sit down, relax, and sleep for a while. A food coma is just your body's reaction to a good meal, the only problem being the lack of any proper bedding to be found at any restaurant. Joe Beef, one of Montreal's most meat-tastic gastrpubs, knows the sleepy struggle that comes with a big meal, and has opened a full-on aparment above the resto known as the Joe Beed Lodge where you can crash, if you rent it out.

Available nightly or for long term stays, the Joe Beef Lodge is a pretty swanky apartment. Fully furnished with a queen-size bed, large windows, a hip brick wall and cabin-esque decor, the Lodge is probably nicer than your apartment. It's definitely nicer than mine. There's even a kitchen equipped with pots, pans, and appliances, though we doubt you'll be eating anywhere but at Joe Beef right below.

Aside from the Lodge's proximity to the Joe Beef resto, the lodge gains points for being pretty close to other awesome establishments. The Lodge is a walk away from the Atwater Market, Vin Papillon, Burgundy Lion, and Lionel-Groulx, so you can travel anywhere else in the city. For real, I may just take a stay-cation (vacaying in your home city) at the Lodge and just enjoy all the perks.

Take a tour of the Joe Beef Lodge by checking out the Instagram feed, and for more info check out the Joe Beef Lodge Twitter feed and the resto's official website here.

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