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Montreal's Joe Beef Opens Summer Garden Terrasse

Nothing beats a steak, a beer, and some sun.
Montreal's Joe Beef Opens Summer Garden Terrasse

Seafood and steaks are always a winning combo, but pair the ol' surf and turf with the summer sun and you have the perfect dining trinity. Joe Beef-Liverpool House's newly opened terasse makes the meat-sea-sun trio a reality, with plenty of drinks sweetening the whole experience.

After a not-so-brief two year hiatus, the Joe Beef-Liverpool House's terrasse is back with a unique waterside cabin-vibe that is instantly relaxing and perfect for chilling out after a long stretch at work. An oyster counter, vintage wines, the freshest of foods, and a few beers definitely add to the relax-mosphere.

Better yet is Liverpool House's new bar hours for the summer. From Tuesday to Sunday, the bar opens at 4pm, meaning you can get to mackin' on oysters, shrimps, clams, and cocktails even earlier, a legit excuse to duck out of the office before 5.

For everything you may need to know (if you're not already sold by the pics and enticing description) head over to Joe Beef-Liverpool House's FB page and website.

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