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Montreal's Just For Laughs Has Officially Named A New President

A JFL veteran takes over.
Montreal's Just For Laughs Has Officially Named A New President

It's been a big year for Montreal's Just For Laughs company, as a whole.  

Just a few months ago, Howie Mandel had officially announced that he would buy a majority of the company's stocks, which was up for sale following some controversial drama surrounding the company's previous owner, Gilbert Rozon. In the past few weeks, Bell Canada has also gained some JFL stocks. 

Upon purchasing, Howie Mandel, being a Canadian, did confirm that there was no intention to move the company away from its Montreal/Canadian roots - which is amazing! Just For Laughs Festival remains the biggest comedy festival in the world, today. 

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Just For Laughs Festival, 2018 is already boasting a wicked line-up made of a variable who's who in Hollywood and Comedy. We got the bubbling comedic star Tiffany Haddish coming through town, Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle - and so many others confirmed for next month's festival. 

More news just keeps on rolling out, as today Just For Laughs announced they have a new company president!

Montreal's own Bruce Hills has just taken the presidential Just For Laughs gig, effective immediately.

Thank you my friend!! See you in NFLD shortly!

June 18, 2018

Hills is a JFL Festival veteran, having been with the festival for decades already. He is also the man responsible for making JFL Fest what it is today, helping to establish JFL's English speaking portion in Montreal... and if years prior are any indication, Hills has some major plans in the works for JFL. 

“More surprises to come,” Hills teases. “I couldn’t be feeling better about the state of the festival. This is the result we were looking for, once this whole (Rozon) incident came into play and when we knew we were going to be sold. We were hoping we could be sold to a group who could take us to the next level, and I believe that has been accomplished.”

This is great news for locals and the company alike. JFL is in good hands with Hills now sitting as the JFL President, replacing Gilbert Rozon. 

Congratulations, Bruce Hills! Can't wait to see what you'll be able to do with this juggernaut festival in Montreal! 

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