Montreal`s Justin Trudeau Elected New Liberal Leader

Justin Trudeau has been elected to take the lead of the federal Liberal party and won in dominating fashion.

Trudeau who is the the eldest son of Canada`s former prime minister Pierre Trudeau as well as the Liberals` "hero" of sorts attracted 80% of the vote in a field of 6 other candidates running for the position.

Him winning was almost an after thought since Justin started on his campaign back in October heavyly favored from the get go. The Liberals are certainly hoping that the party`s new super star leader will solidify their rep as the country`s most often governing party.

The thought of the Montreal native MP`s win was right away able to boost the Liberals contention on the public opinion polls that was relagated down to third back in 2011.

The real question is can Trudeau hold on to this fresh new momentum until the next federal election in 2015.