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Montreal's "Korean Ice Cream Bar" You've Got To Check Out ASAP

Giant bowls of goodness!
Montreal's "Korean Ice Cream Bar" You've Got To Check Out ASAP

Montreal is home to some crazy dessert bars that have either been around for a while or just opening up. But they all have one thing in common: they offer some insanely delicious desserts!

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This dessert bar just opened up in January and they're serving up some crazy desserts. Their specialty is the Korean shaved ice dessert called Bingsoo.

via @jennifer_thi

This cute spot is called Dessert Cafe MOMO and it's located at 5525 Monkland Ave in the Monkland Village! 

They serve tons of amazing flavours like mango, blueberry, matcha, strawberry, Oreo, Injeolmi a form of rice cake, and their most impressive the Tiramisu Bingsoo topped with a slice of tiramisu cake!

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If you haven't tried Bingsoo before, this is definitely the place to come to have your first taste of this amazing sweet treat! 

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They also serve all kinds of drinks like their matcha lattes, regular lattes and green teas that all pair perfectly with your tasty treat! 

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Check out theirwebsite  and Facebook page for more information. 

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