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Montreal's Korova Bar Is Closing Forever

And it's going out with a bang.
Montreal's Korova Bar Is Closing Forever

Known for their $ucka Free Mondays, foosball tables, and convenient location on Saint Laurent, Korova Bar is a favourite spot for Montreal students to get sloppy and let off some steam. So, we were pretty sad to hear that they announced yesterday that this Thursday would be the bar's last night of operation, ever.

But don't focus on your mourning and tears for too long, because the bar will be going out in style. This Thursday there will be no cover, all drinks will be $3, and DJ Johnny Jungle and DJ FutureShark will be there to provide some sick beats for the evening. You do not want to miss this last chance to get reckless, a little messy, and maybe do some things you'll regret the next morning.

And for those of you who are in a serious panic about not being able to dance it out to an entire night of Rihanna,

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