Montreal's La Banquise Now Has A "Healthy Poutine" That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Photo cred - La Banquise

Eat a poutine and still stick to yourNew Year's Resolution of eating healthy? Ridiculous-sounding and pretty much impossible, ordinarily, but La Banquise is changing up their menu and will feature a new poutine that is actually not too bad for your diet. The dream of a healthy poutine is now a reality.

Created in collaboration with Weight Watchers, La Banquise's healthy poutine is actually a resurrection of a menu item that debuted last fall. Because people loved the dish, and are feeling extra fat after the holidays, the infamous poutine resto decided to bring the healthy poutine back. Your waistlines can thank them later.

So what goes into a healthy poutine? Well to start, a mixture of turnips and potato fries make up the base, which are boiled before being fried, so they absorb less fatty oil. Allégro cheese, which has a reduced fat content, is then thrown on in place of curds, and the whole thing is topped with La Banquise's classic gravy. All in all, the dish clocks in at 13 Weight Watcher points, if that means anything to you.

Priced at $7.75, La Banquise's healthy poutine will be offered the entire month of January, starting today. When you find yourself at the resto at 4am looking for some drunchies, consider this new option instead, so you're filled with less regret the next morning.

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